Birgitta Wilson - Painter/Printmaker

 "the forest... is all nuance. It blurs distinctions, evoking the lost kinship between animate and inanimate, darkness and light, finite and infinite, body and soul, sight and sound."                                                                                                                                                        T E Lawrence


Born to an English father and Swedish mother, with a childhood spent in Brazil, I try to bring a personal perspective on the British countryside and forests in my work.  I have always enjoyed exploring the rich and varied textures of trees and individual plants, often hinting at their symbolic value. More recently, my interest in photographing the details that catch my attention whilst out walking has led to many experimentations with solar plate etching, culminating in my ‘Wish’ series of prints, based on the humble dandelion, an unwanted weed to the keen gardener, but nevertheless a symbol of perseverance and hope. I have found immensely satisfying the way this medium can impart an almost ethereal quality to the subject and bring to mind this inherent symbolism.